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New Postings Coming Next Year!

I've been off line for quite some time and haven't gotten around to updating my blogs. I will be adding information in the new year as well I invite you to see my Morgellons facebook url, it takes you to my facebook site that offers weekly postings of Morgellons news and advice.
See Morgellons Information Canada Facebook, weekly news and update I don't go by a lot of theories since there are so many out there, I can only speak honestly about what I've learned and I choose to keep it simple and natural. I feel that is more helpful especially for the newly afflicted who are fed so much information on the web already.
I know you are fearful and in more pain then you ever thought possible, you will get through this. You will tap into strength and reserves you never even thought you had. I too wondered as many of you may now if you will even survive this, trust and have faith, you will and it will get better.
I have grown to realize the hard way that you are truly what you eat.
My diet consisted of quick candy bars in between house cleaning jobs (which exposed me to too many chemicals that I am sure helped to compromise my immune system), and lots of prepared foods, any wonder I grew ill. I will be posting a new blog I'm working on soon about gardening and foods that are Morgellons busters.
Over the years I have been contacted by many sufferers who were trying anything and everything and deathly ill and in some cases suicidal. I offer them a ray of hope by simply being testimony that you can overcome and find the road to a decent wellness. Once I convince them to stop being aggressive and using extreme methods to try and rid themselves of this, and they address it from a nutritional viewpoint and the Klinghardt Protocol, they see a lot of improvement. It doesn't happen overnight, it took years of poor diet and/or exposure to an overload of pollutants to debilitate you, it will take time to reverse it.
I have not had black specks or fibers in 7 years now, my lesions are minimal and stomach swelling reduced tremendously. I moved to the forest for wellness and to grow my own food. I hardly speak to the doctor, a once a year physical is about it, I got tired of fighting with them that I was not self-mutilating or having thoughts of suicide or that the only way I would be put in observation is if I said I was suicidal and went to a mental ward, that a regular hospital wouldn't have the time. No way were they going to get me to lie about that!
From day one I told my doc I thought I was sick from exposure to Round Up on the farm, he backed away from me wide eyed, had I come to close to the truth then? More than ten years later I'm convinced that's exactly what happened.
Once I stormed out of a hospital stating loudly "Showtimes over" after an intern observed the fibers coming out of my skin and just shook his head, the nurse came back and told me I could leave, I asked what were they going to do, she just shrugged. I've been escorted out of the hospital another time after the doctor refused to examine me after 4 hours in the waiting room and even the security guards had mercy and said I should try another hospital. I sobbed that I had tried them all, no one will observe what my skin is doing. After a year of frustration doctor hopping and skin specialists and internist who was useless and straining my marriage I suffered in silence. I gave up all meds as they were damaging my organs. My doctor TG finally agreed to medical marijuana.
During this time I had stresses from PTSD on top of it.
God prompted me (as I was to ill on my own strength to do it but supernatural power came into it) to pack up and move 500kms away. There were people and things I had to remove myself from in order to start to work on me and get well and closer to my daughter. It was there I felt I had to go to the forest to rejuvenate. We would take day trips a few times a week. Something about the greenery and scent of the pines restored something inside of me, I started feeling alive. I knew we had to move to the forest for good.
We've been here three years now. We have a river in front to canoe in and hills of forest in the back. We are on a half acre, half of it workable. My determination to have a garden got me out and one shovel at a time I got stronger. The next year I expanded my garden double and double yet again last year. All of it by hand and my strength improving year by year.
I renewed my art interest and was compelled to use the nature around me in my work. The peace sign below is one of my pieces.
Hard to think back over 10 years ago when I was near death and immobile and suffered 24/7.
I am a loner after being shunned by ones who I thought were close but backed away and from feeling like I had leprosy almost and horrified reactions from strangers because I looked a mess. Whether I get back in the loop honestly, right now it doesn't matter. I need this time to focus on priorities and my children and grandchildren and my dear husband who has stuck by me through it all are all I care about right now. The lesions are nearly gone, I have pigmentation discoloration but that is common in post-menopausal women so I'm not self-conscious about that. I don't cover-up like I used to.
God told me "All would be well" when I was at my worst state and even though it got worse at times back then, I trusted that voice and He has helped me through a lot since. He got me here!

See Morgellons Information Canada Facebook, weekly news and update 

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