Sunday, January 2, 2011

What Wikileaks Says About Morgellons

Are we bio-warfare experiment? Wikileaks


Justin86 said...

Many people suffer from this disease. People experience invisible things getting under the skin and giving great discomfort and more. The sensation invariably is uninvited and non cognitive. Some suggest this is a form of some psychosis yet the alternative, something entering or interferring with the body is very possible.

Some may say we are being used as an experiment by our governments or other governments. Perhaps the later may gain traction amongst some.

But what if it is something caused by another force. Is that as crazy as thinking a government would turn on its own people? The governments make some horrendous decisions at times, but does everyone truly believe government can solve or cause everything?

People observe something. There actually is someone who talks to these and other observations. He is on the side of those who observe these things. And he can do something about it.

is a website that has a report on it from a lady who has rid herself of morgellons. Now I warn you, the messages on the website will give you an immediate...No that can't be! reaction...not another religious group!or New Age!..the answer is its utterly and truly not. It is all about observing what your body is telling you and clearing things out.

It is not a belief system. It cherishes your freewill to consider or not.

I suggest to you if you have never been open minded to new things...just this once. For those who are it will be very easy for you.

The report on morgollens is down on the left hand side of the front page.

Have a look, completely up to you. I won't write to this website again. So Blessings to all who read this.


Justin86 said...

Search for creationlightship to find the website
Justin 86


Do you think Health Canada should investigate morgellons?

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